Bitzer Compressor 2HC-2.2Y/2HES-2(Y)

Bitzer Compressor 2HC-2.2Y/2HES-2(Y)

Bitzer Compressor 2HC-2.2Y/2HES-2(Y) is produced in China , we are Bitzer agent and distributors ,could offer competitive price .
Product description
Welcome to wholesale the high quality and precise bitzer compressor 2hc-2.2y/2hes-2(y) in stock from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you the good quality of our products. Check the price list and the quotation with us.

Product Detail

Bitzer Compressor 2HC-2.2Y/2HES-2(Y) 

  1. The country of origin :China 

  2. Refrigerant:R134A

Technical Data

Technical Data
Displacement (1450 RPM 50Hz)6,51 m3/h
Displacement (1750 RPM 60Hz)7,86 m3/h
No. of cylinder x bore x stroke2 x 38 mm x 33 mm
Weight45 kg
Max. pressure (LP/HP)19 / 32bar
Connection suction line16 mm - 5/8''
Connection discharge line12 mm - 1/2''
Oil type R134a/R407C/R404A/R507A/R407A/R407FBSE32(Standard) / R134a tc>70°C: BSE55 (Option)
Oil type R22 (R12/R502)B5.2 (Option)
Motor data
Motor version1
Motor voltage (more on request)380-420V Y-3-50Hz
Max operating current4.5 A
Starting current (Rotor locked)22.5 A
Max. Power input2,4 kW
Extent of delivery (Standard)
Motor protectionSE-B1
Enclosure classIP65
Vibration dampersStandard
Oil charge1,00 dm3
Available Options
Additional fanOption
Crankcase heater0..60 W PTC (Option)
Sound measurement
Sound power level (+5°C / 50°C)64,0 dB(A) @ 50Hz
Sound power level (-10°C / 45°C)64,5 dB(A) @ 50Hz
Sound power level (-35°C / 40°C)(62,5) dB(A) @ 50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (+5°C / 50°C)56,0 dB(A) @ 50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (-10°C / 45°C)56,5 dB(A) @ 50Hz
Sound pressure level @ 1m (-35°C / 40°C)(54,5) dB(A) @ 50Hz

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*Displacement in m3/h at 50 Hz

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