Ice Cold Room Refrigeration Copeland ZF08K4E-TFD-551

Ice Cold Room Refrigeration Copeland ZF08K4E-TFD-551

Copeland ZF08K4E-TFD-551 can use in Ice Cold Room and refrigeration chamber.
Product description
Welcome to wholesale the high quality and precise ice cold room refrigeration copeland zf08k4e-tfd-551 in stock from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you the good quality of our products. Check the price list and the quotation with us.

Product Information .

1.Ice Cold Room Refrigeration Copeland ZF08K4E-TFD-551

 HFC, R-404A, 60 Hz, 3 - Phase, 460 V E 
  Low Temp, Low Condensing (Scroll)


Evaporator Temp. (°F)-25-40
Condensing Temp. (°F)5050
Return Gas Temp. (°F)6565
Liquid Temp. (°F)5050
Capacity (Btu/hr):94006430
Power (W):1070961
Current (Amps):2.72.7
EER (Btu/Wh):8.86.7
Mass Flow (lbs/hr):12484
Sound Data @

Sound Power (dBA):72 Avg77 Max
Vibration mils(peak-peak):2.0 Avg3.0 Max


Displacment (in^3/Rev):2.56
Displacment (ft^3/hr):311.48
Overall Length (in):9.50
Overall Width (in):9.50
Overall Height (in):15.93
Mounting Length (in):7.50
Mounting Width (in):7.50
Mounting Height (in):16.16 *
Suction Size (in),Type:3/4 Stub
Discharge Size (in),Type:1/2 Stub
Initial Oil Charge (oz):50
Oil Recharge (oz):46
Net Weight (lbs):60.0
Internal Free Volume (in^3):264.0
Horse Power:2.50
*Overall compressor height on Copeland Brand Product's specified mounting grommets.

4.Product advantages

1) Smaller compressor dimensions or smaller displacements possible
2) Low noise level, innovative compressor technology
3)Low energy consumption
4) High thermal working conditions
5) High product quality
6) Wide voltage range

More model list as below.

Model No.Nom HPDispl. cc/revevaporating temperature: °cNom currentweight(kgs)
ZF06K4E TFD5502349001134160024503300396046734.326
ZF08K4E TFD5502.541.911001433210031504200504059474.629
ZF09K4E TFD550346.412001500230033004700560066005.430
ZF11K4E TFD5503.557.515001800280041005800700083006.431
ZF13K4E TFD551467.817002100320048006900820097004.639
ZF15K4E TFD551583.32100260039005800830010000118005.743
ZF18K4E TFD551698.8250310048006900100001200014200843
nominal capacity: r404a Watts

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Condenser Unit 

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